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Forestry Products

Dedicated to producing high quality lumber, backed by sustainable harvest practices while serving as stewards for healthy forests, watersheds, and wildlife for our community.

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Blanca Forestry Products' response to COVID-19 & its impact on our operations

At Blanca Forestry Products, it is our primary goal to protect our employees while continuing to operate the sawmill.

We understand the seriousness of COVID-19 and are following public health authorities’ guidance, implementing measures to continue to protect our workforce and the communities where we live.

While our operations have been impacted, we are committed to creating safe conditions for our employees. Blanca Forestry Products will continue to operate, under appropriate health and safety protocols, as long as it is safe for our employees to do so.

 Wood Products from Colorado's Historic San Luis Valley

Blanca Forestry Products locally sources timber from Trinchera Blanca Ranch and the surrounding area. The sawmill has the ability to process nearly 20 million board feet annually and our products are certified by Western Wood Products Association grade stamp and sold as high quality lumber products and custom orders, as requested.

In addition to sourcing timber locally, Blanca Forestry Products also has the ability to accept material from other sawmills, kiln dry and process into final products.

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Products Offered

Blanca Forestry Products offers an extensive line of high quality wood products ranging from standard construction material to secondary wood byproducts.

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Forest Management

Healthy forests reduce the risk of insect infestations, catastrophic wildfire and watershed degradation, leading to improved water quality and stronger wildlife populations – a win-win for both the natural resources and economics of the West.

Blanca Forestry Products is dedicated to producing high quality lumber and forest products backed by sustainable harvest practices, while serving as a steward for healthy forests, watersheds, and wildlife for our community.

Blanca Forestry Products serves as an example for how private and public forested lands can be harvested in an economic and sustainable manner.

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