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Who is supplying the mill’s timber?

Of the approximately 20 million board-feet processed by Blanca Forestry Products annually, roughly half of the lumber is sustainably sourced from Trinchera Blanca Ranch. Additional material is sourced from both public and private lands in the surrounding area.

Can I custom order products?

Special order products are handled by Randy Miller, please give him a call at 1-802-383-8858.

Can Blanca Forestry Products deliver material?

Products can be picked up by customer truck or delivered.

Does the material come from public and/or private lands?

Materials are sourced from both.

What is Blanca Forestry Products’ service region?

We ship to all 50 states and internationally.

How do I work for Blanca Forestry Products?

For employment opportunities, please contact Blanca Forestry Products 719-379-4263